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Google Plans to Patent a Gesture-Based Ring…Huh??

Tony Hannides May 17, 2012 0


I’m usually a huge support of Google and their future tech plans. This one, I’m a little worried and concerned. First of all, Project Glass was awarded a patent just a few days ago regarding the actual glasses/headgear. Now Google might introduce a wearable ring that is somehow connected to the glasses. This way, when you’re seeing objects/items in your HUD, you can use the ring to physically swipe in the air to move it, delete it or somehow interact with it. What concerns me is is the ILLUMINATING RADIATION! I know everything we use these days give off some sort of radiation; we just don’t think about it. But seeing it in plan text, kind of scary. Will my hand start to glow yellow? Or it is as much radiation as a bluetooth headset? They don’t say. Maybe we’ll get more info at Google i/o.

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Via »DroidLife