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Google Play Store Adds Personalized Recomendations

Tony Hannides Aug 30, 2012 0

google play recommendOf all the apps out in the Google Play Store, how do you know which ones to download? The popular apps get “word of mouth” traction but the up and coming apps, maybe not so much. Plus, sometimes we don’t even know what to look for when we’re browsing the Store; we need guidance. The Google Play Store now gives Recommded apps, games, music, books and movies based off your existing downloads. This is similar to the Appreciate app we reviewed a few weeks ago. I checked it out earlier today and the recommendations aren’t completely off base. It’s also similar to Apple’s attempt in their App Store with the Genius tab. Nevertheless, the more people “+1” their favorite apps, the easier recommendations will be for Google and the Android team. To get the update in the Google Play Store, it’s automatic; no download or update required. Just open it up, swipe over to the Featured section and scroll down to Recommend For You.