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Google to Facebook: +1

Radford C. Mar 31, 2011 0

Google: “Your move Facebook”. Actually, they have. 2 million sites and counting currently have Facebook’s famous “Like” or “thumbs up” icon installed, including LTG. In fact, before you even begin reading this, why don’t you scroll to the bottom and like this article. Sounds cleaner, doesn’t it. Next to “tweet this”, Google intends to go to war with Facebook’s like icons by allowing publishers to install another little button called Plus 1. It’s a powerful move by Google that sounds novel but scary at the same time.

The Gazillion Facebook Like

This is the hill that Google intends to climb with Plus 1

Plus 1 may not sound as catchy or as clean as “liking” something but it’s a start. Google intends to “Plus 1” search results. So even if you don’t have Google’s nifty icon on your site, people can still plus things at the results level. And what if you want to see what your friends plus-ed? You check out your Google Profile – assuming they have something like GMail or some other Google-related account.

While the move is also designed to discourage content farms, I hope it doesn’t get abused by SEO hackers looking for higher search rankings or people who just have really bad taste.

Check out the video for the rest.

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