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Google to make major update for search engine

Radford C. Mar 16, 2012 0

Google Logo

This is big. Much bigger than the Panda update. Google is about to embark on its biggest renovation in history. In order to keep up with increased competition and new technology, the Web giant is working to keep ahead of the pack by completely revamping its search function, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Search Exec Amit Singhal told WSJ that the new Google search will look more like “how humans understand the world.”
Updates are expected to roll out over the next few months but the full makeover to “next generation of search” will likely take years. As of this writing, there is no specific timeline.

The reason for the update isn’t to get rid of the current keyword-search system but rather to provide more relevant results. This process will work by using technology called “semantic search.” With semantic searches, people’s searches will be better matched with “entities”–or people, places and things–which the company has been building over the past two years, reports the Journal. For example, the Journal reports that people who search for “Lake Tahoe” today get links to the lake’s visitor bureau website and a map; whereas with the makeover, they will see key “attributes” about the lake, including location, altitude, average temperature and salt content.

Via »WSJ