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Google using WebP over JPEG in Gmail, Picasa and Chrome

Radford C. May 23, 2011 1
JPEG Image of Football Player

Ironically, this image is a JPEG

Google has announced that a couple of its online services which include Gmail and Picasa are now using WebP – an image compression format it open sourced last fall to replace the JPEG standard. Not to mention its Chrome and Opera browser as well.

WebP support is also coming to AppEngine. When Google open sourced WebP last September, it claimed the new image format would reduce the size of web images by 40 percent. Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft have yet to adopt the format in their browsers.
So what about everyone else like the photography people?
Users that want to manipulate WebP images can now do so using software developed by the community including PixelmatorImageMagick, the WebP format plugin for Photoshop and the Java VP8 decoder. The open-source community has also contributed support for Mac OS X with MacPorts packages, Linux DebianOpenSUSE and Gentoo packages and the Apache HTTP Server.
And Windows?

On Windows, users who want to view WebP images natively, can download the WebP codec. This codec brings WebP support to such software as Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Media Center and Photo Edit.
Learn more about WebP
Do you think WebP will be widely adopted and JPEG will finally go away?
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