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Google Will Obtain 18 Key Patents In The Motorola Acquisition

Sean W. Aug 22, 2011 0

The purchase of Motorola Mobility is said to be a defensive move by Google to protect Android.   Patent Lawyer, David Mixon, has found 18 patents in Motorola’s portfolio that would benefit Google’s ongoing battle with Apple and Microsoft.

The patents found cover essential mobile device technology including location services, antenna design, e-mail transmission, touch screen motions, 3G technology and software app management.  Another patent obtained disables the touch screen when talking on the phone to prevent accidental hang ups.

Before the deal with Motorola, Google had 1000 total patents.  This deal gives them 17,000 approved patents and another 7,500 pending patents.

Google has already been sued by Oracle and Skyhook wireless over Android.  HTC lost a case with Microsoft over patent infringement that forces HTC to pay Microsoft a royalty for every Android phone sold.

Motorola Mobility is now seeking to block imports of the Xbox game console for it infringes on some video technology patents.  Late last year, Motorola was sued by Microsoft and Apple, both claiming Motorola of unfair and anti-competitive conduct by asking for higher licensing rates than that of competitors.

Motorola was the first company to bring consumer grade mobile phones to the market with the Brick, the often made fun phone of in ’80s throwback films.  I’m sure their history of mobile phones has netting them the patents Google could use to help nullify the patent wars.