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Graphics on smartphones will exceed those on consoles, Nvidia says

Radford C. Jun 21, 2012 1

Nvidia asserts that graphics processing units in smartphones will be able to match the graphics capabilities of game consoles by next year and gain the capability to exceed those graphics in 2014. The chip company took Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as the baseline for the comparison.

The thought of such performance can definitely be plausible when you consider how old the XBox 360 is. Mobile S0Cs (system-on-a-chip) are getting smaller and producing less heat as the chip fabrication process becomes more sophisticated. By 2013, mobile chips may be able to match the graphics processing power of the Xbox 360.

Nvidia Graphics Performance Chart

Solid lines represent estimated performance over time while the dotted lines represent a projection of that performance on the same timeline. Consoles have a more rigid graphic considering their long lifespans. Now, with NVidia pushing Tegra 3 processors into mobile devices, this looks like a case where mobile devices could arguably rival the graphic prowess of consoles. There’s also the wild card Gaikai which could negate all the need for faster chips after Tegra 3 if cloud gaming really takes off.

What do you think? Will faster processors on tablets and smartphones get hardcore gamers to move away from consoles? Leave your comment below.

Via »Anandtech