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Guild Wars 2 Launch Times: Its The Final Countdown

Andrew Lee Aug 24, 2012 0

If you pre-ordered or pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 from participating retailers, it is likely you got one of these.  With Guild Wars 2 launching on August 28th, everyone is counting down the time as it is quickly approaching. Guild Wars 2 will be officially launch at 12:00 am Pacific time. Pre-orders will have the 1-day headstart which will allow access on August 27th while Pre-purchase orders will have the 3-day headstart on August 25th. Both versions will be enabled at 12:00am on their respective dates. In addition to the launch, the client is available for download as it is suggested that you periodically update it to minimize your download at launch. See the tab below for details.

To finish this off, who’s to say that we can’t have some Europe?

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The Final Countdown—Guild Wars 2 Launch Times

August 28th, 2012—the day Guild Wars 2 launches—is fast approaching. Everyone here at ArenaNet is anxiously counting the days right along with every Guild Wars 2 fan. As you may have seen, we host a countdown timer on the front page of our official website.

The information below will give you specific details about times and dates based on whether you pre-purchased, pre-ordered, or are picking up a copy of the game on release day. For those players who have not pre-purchased or pre-ordered the game, Guild Wars 2 will officially launch at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 28th.

  • Pre-Purchase with 3-Day Headstart: Everyone who pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 will enjoy three full days of Headstart Access. The three-day Headstart Access will officially begin at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 25th. However, please note that in order to ensure we’re fully prepared for that fateful hour we may bring servers online up to 3 hours prior. If you’re a player committed to getting in first to grab that character name of your dreams you’ll want to be keeping an eye on things during that time period.
  • Pre-Order with 1-Day Headstart: Those who pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 will be able to participate in one day of Headstart Access. The one-day Headstart Access will begin at 0:00 AM Pacific time (GMT -7:00) on August 27th.  NOTE – Pre-Order code registration is now enabled.

Download the Client today: If you’ve registered your pre-purchase or pre-order and created your Guild Wars 2 account you can go to account management today and download the client. Be sure to update the client periodically to minimize your download at launch. We look forward to seeing you in-game very soon!