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Hacker gets SWAT team to pay a visit to XBox Live gamer (video)

Radford C. Feb 15, 2012 1

Swat Team Shows Up On XBox Live gamer

According to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, a teen in Lewisville, Texas was in a multiplayer session of Call of Duty: Black Ops on Monday and was interrupted in a chat room. “Some dude just popped out of nowhere, and basically said he’s going to hack me, he’s going to get my information, call the SWAT team over to my front yard,” he told CBS.

The boy was nonchalant about it. Then, much to his family’s surprise, they saw what must have seemed like a very bad Hollywood movie unfold outside their window.

Police dispatchers received a call from the AT&T Instant Message Relay Service (normally used for the hearing impaired). That message described that the caller was shot in the boy’s home and that the shooting still continues. In a way, it was true aside from the fact that those who were shot were actually people in the video game and possibly the hacker’s virtual self as well.

Naturally, the boy and his family were stunned when the SWAT team came in fully armed, sirens and all. As for reasons why the boy was targeted, our guess is that the perpetrator was potentially a player in the game who got wiped out by the boy during a multiplayer session and wanted to pull a prank. Perhaps the prank was more successful than the perpetrator had imagined.

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