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Happy 30th Birthday Commodore 64

Radford C. Aug 31, 2012 0

Looks like the computer I grew up and learned to first program with has reached its dirty 30s. This was after owning an Atari, ColecoVision and Gemini. That last system was a step backwards since it’s pretty much a clone of Atari and it was the result of Coleco getting jacked up from overuse. Anyway, I digress. After all of those consoles and the video game crash of the 80s which resulted in a gazillion five dollar games from Atari and Coleco (which is pretty much all of  their library), I got bored.

Then my Mom and Dad bought a Commodore 64.

Game over. This probably also gives you an idea how old I am.

Jumpman Junior, Number Tumbler, and Gateway to Apshai. I was also privileged to have experienced keeping all of my BASIC crap on tape – a device that would take minutes before my Tic Tac Toe program, which I copied from a C64 programming book, actually loaded.

This would’ve been faster:

But I ended up with this instead:

Anyhow, those were good memories. MyC64 was equal parts tool, entertainer, and teacher. I had only one friend who grew up with it who’s helped shaped the worlds of computer games, graphics, and music all in part by letting me borrow his cartridges.

It was a time when I wanted to get into game programming. Now, I wished I had kept going at it. Stupid Nintendo. The C64 represented an entire generation of users who were truly empowered and transformed by technology, at a time when using a computer and learning how it worked were the same thing.

Here were some of the commercials and ads that hyped me up before getting the computer in the home.