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Have Your DSLR Lenses By Your Side With the Quickdraw

Victor B. Aug 26, 2012 0

Are you a DSLR photographer/videographer that has the dilemma of having to lug around multiple lenses for different shooting situations?  This Kickstarter project The Quickdraw aims to help those with that problem by conveniently storing your unused lenses on your belt.  Looking to be available for both Canon EOS mounts and Nikon F mounts, the back of the lens locks onto the cap (similar to a back lenscap) and hangs on the holster.  If you are worried about your telephoto lens falling, the Quickdraw is “made from aircraft aluminum and high strength precision molded plastic,” and can hold 20 pounds.

From personal experience, I have been through the scenarios outlined in the video, mostly lugging a big equipment bag all over the place, although being a slinger isn’t usually as uncomfortable as it looks.  Either way, the Quickdraw looks to be a great way to make shooting with one DLSR body more convenient.  Head to the Kickstarter page here, as of this writing, the goal of $100,000 has not yet been reached, with less than a month to go.

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