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HBO Go now works for Time Warner and Cablevision subscribers on XBox 360, Roku and others

Radford C. May 17, 2012 2

Following up after Comcast/XFinity, HBO Go can now work for Time Warner subscribers. Devices include Samsung HDTVs / Blu-ray players, Roku, XBox 360 and a few others.  Time Warner Cable made it official yesterday telling its customers that all three platforms can access HBO Go with a Time Warner login while Roku made Cablevision’s login official through the Roku blog.

So who’s still left out? DirectTV and some other notables.

Sidenote: I’ve noticed that there several media outlets saying that HBO Go on XBox 360 with a Comcast/XFinity login doesn’t work or is not ready but I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks. Roku and Samsung access still pending on Comcast/Xfinity to link to HBO Go. Check the vid (and our horrible quality) on the XBox 360 for HBO Go below:

Via »Time Warner Blog