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Hitman: Absolution Contracts Allows You To Create Your Own Hit

Sean W. Aug 14, 2012 1

HA_Contracts_Disco WM

Hitman: Absolution features a new game mode called Contacts, a mode that allows you to create you own missions for you and friends to play.

The Contracts play out like most other missions only you get to decide all the parameters for completing the missions.  When creating a contact, players  just needs to select the level, the target, the available weapons, rules, game style and what to do with any witnesses that may be present.  This is a type of level editor that the developer is claiming to be much easier than other level creators out there.

The Contracts will have their own form of contract dollar that can be spent to create bigger more elaborate contacts for others to play.  These can be used to buy upgrades for use in contact modes.

The team says the idea of this mode came from the players of older Hitman games.  The community surrounding the game still plays the game in creative ways and they developers wanted to extend this experience and share it with this new generation of gamers.