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How Long Can You Watch This Before You Laugh?

Sean W. Jul 31, 2012 2

This is not a pelvic thrust simulator, but rather a video for a new Horse Riding Fitness product from Korea. It is supposed to help users get the leg strength that is normally achieved from riding a horse, but instead looks to be a device to help with pelvic thrusts.  This is a real ad that reminds me of the Shake Weight, another item that screams naughty.

If you can’t make it to the end of this infomercial, then note that there is one testimonial from a man who had problems sleeping (with his wife) and used this product and his problem have been solved, and his wife seems to be very happy about it.

How far did I get? Well I made it to about 1:15 when the woman who didn’t have enough leg strength fell.