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HTC ReZound Gets Another OS Update – Adds Global Roaming

Tony Hannides Aug 13, 2012 0

htc rezound

A few weeks ago, the HTC ReZound finally received the ICS update. It’s made the phone much faster, added cooler features, but it was missing something: international roaming. One of the latest features on Verizon’s 4GLTE devices is the ability to add international or global roaming and it’s become a nice added benefit for international users. Today, ReZound users are receiving another OTA (over the air) update that adds this new feature. Mind you, it’s 103MB large so have a good battery and connection when downloading the file. This doesn’t mean your monthly bill is going up or anything, it just means if you go to Paris, you could use your ReZound if you wanted (although it would be uber expensive). Let us know once you get the update!

Via »Phandroid