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HTC vs Apple: The Battle Rages On

Tony Hannides Aug 16, 2011 0

"Sue me will you? Well…You copied us too!"

It seems as though HTC has some ammunition to fire back at Apple. Last month, Apple sued HTC for patent infringement regarding data manipulation (something to do with touching a number and it directs you to the dialer). There was fear that the ITC (International Trade Commission) would ban HTC products from being sold in the US. Earlier today, HTC filed a claim stating that Apple infringed on 3 patents. HTC has not released a statement as to what the patents were but it looks like they are related to syncing between mobile devices and computers. The best part is HTC is trying to ban the sale of Apple products in the US.

I’m not expert on patents and I’m still learning about how the patent process/system works. But this seems a bit much. I personally welcome competition and innovation but the last few lawsuits seem juvenile to me. Just make a good product, stick to your strengths, pay licencing when needed and move on! I know it’s easier said than done but someone needs to stop this.


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