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iBolt Introduces an “Intelligent” Vehicle Dock for the Galaxy S III

Tony Hannides Jul 30, 2012 1

ibolt vehicle dock galaxy s iii

If you recently purchased the new Galaxy S III and were hoping to use it as a GPS unit, you’ve got to check out what iBolt has created. The new “Intelligent” Vehicle Dock for the Galaxy S III (and Galaxy S II) is the best looking dock I’ve seen in a long while. While I’m usually partial to universal docks like the Bracketron dock we reviewed a few months ago, the iBolt is perfect for your brand new Galaxy S III.

It’s not too big so you can place it on your dash or directly onto the front windshield using the 70mm super strong suction cup. With its ball joint construction, you can adjust to almost any position and it has been designed with the ability to work with most phone cases, including something as thick as an Otterbox Commuter style case (2.5mm thick). The dock has another unique attachment: a 9 foot “Charger & AUX-out” cable. What this means is you can place the dock on the left side of your steering wheel and have enough slack in your cables to charge your phone AND plug it into your car stereo if there’s a AUX input. Finally, when you place your Galaxy S III into the dock, the phone will automatically switch to “car mode” so most of your commands can be accomplished by voice. This is a true hands-free simple install solution.

ibolt accessories galaxy s iii

If you want to get your hands on one of these docks, you can pick one up at your local corporate Verizon Wireless store or online here at for $45.

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Full Press Release

NEWS RELEASE                                                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

 BOLT announces Intelligent  Vehicle Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy S® III


St. George, Utah, July 26, 2012iBOLT ( presents the new Intelligent ChargingDock for Samsung Galaxy S® III, delivering the most comprehensive, in-vehicle hands-free Android driving experience yet.

In a world that is increasingly hands-free, and where consumers want to listen to their music and the GPS Navigation directions through their car-stereo speakers, we are excited to announce the release of the Intelligent ChargingDock for the Samsung Galaxy S®  III and also backwards compatible with the SII, said Bruce Clark, COO of iBOLT .

The Intelligent ChargingDock includes:

Dock with integrated microUSB arm for audio (AUX) out and charging

  • Removable insert to accommodate most protective cases.
  • Premium ROK solid suction mount for windshield or dash mounting
  • 9 ft cord for connecting USB power and 3.5 mm Aux to car stereo input

In addition to keeping the phone charged and in a safe, upright position while driving, three unique and innovative features should be highlighted:

1. Horizontal Dock: When inserted into the dock, the S Voice car mode and horizontal icon mode setting are automatically launched . A horizontal Car Dock equals minimal obstruction for today’s larger Smart phones.


2. Case compatiblity  The Dock includes a removable insert. Works with virtually all cases 2.5 mm thick or less.


3. Charging/AUX cable: Many vehicles comes with a 3.5 mm “Auxiliary-in” port. When plugged in, the sound from all apps, GPS navigation, music, etc., will play through the car stereo speakers. The USB plugs into the vehicle’s USB port or a car charger with a USB slot. The long cable length allows placement on the left side of the steering wheel, within easy reach while driving.


Where to buy: Verizon Wireless Corporate retail stores. Web-US: In Germany, type in “iBOLT” into Other countries, visit or


iBOLT™ Resources:



About iBolt™:

Wireless Accessory Solutions, LLC is a privately held firm headquartered in St. George, Utah founded July, 2010. Through in-house engineering and design competence we develop proprietary products that are stylish, of high quality and affordable.