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iGame GTX 680 Card Takes Graphic Card Designs To New Heights

Radford C. Jun 29, 2012 0

Take out the metal plate and you basically have a space frigate. That’s the design the Chinese-based company is looking to build – at least that’s what I think. This GTX 680-based card basically takes up a good two slots with maybe a millimeter of space between whatever else you have sitting in your tower. That’s all thanks to the iGame GTX 680’s pair of giant aluminium heatsinks which include 20 heatpipes and a total of 240 aluminium fins – which could probably be used as a turbo car’s intercooler.

Check out this crazy translation from the source too (Chinese):

Colorful iGame GTX 680 series graphics card will always be attracted to its unique design of the player’s eye, following the earlier 32 heat pipe iGame GTX 680 graphics card , they again launched a world’s first product, that is, zero noise passive heat Edition GTX 680 graphics card. This zero noise GTX 680 video card model “iGame GTX 680 still the land”, a name derived from the Mexican wooden the Mapi Mi basin countries ecological protection zone “Silent Land”, located at latitude 27 degrees, with the same latitude of the Bermuda Triangle the same mysterious zone, like the pyramids of Egypt.

Of course, this crazy design would be pointless to buy into if you don’t have a window or transparent panel built into your PC tower.


Via »EXPreview