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Igo Audio’s Home Theatre Rack – LTG @ CES 2012

Radford C. Jan 9, 2012 0

The whole idea behind Igo Audio’s Home Theater Rack is either to hide the speakers/receiver within the entertainment center or show it off. I have yet to check out the ear candy the rep was boasting about. It was hard to to make a judgement call during their demo when the rest of the press lurking around was standing in front of the speakers. The unit covers the left, right and center channels and a sub making it essentially a 3.1 setup. Based on aesthetics alone, it’s attractive making use of glossy blacks and matte patterns with simple classic lines.

Overall Unit Shot



But, just based on what I saw, I did have some questions:

  • Are the speakers and receiver removable?
  • Does the receiver dissipate alot of heat?
  • If not removable, what is the weight of the unit?

Stay tuned as we take a trip to their booth later during the week and bring in more pics, details and answers.