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Improve Outdoor Pictures with this iPhone Polarizing Filter Case

Victor B. Jun 4, 2012 0

The Trygger Camera Case for iPhone 4/4s Kickstarter project may be one of the most useful iPhone add-ons for many who use their iPhone 4/4s as a primary camera.  Have you ever had a picture taken in bright daylight that was blown out, or the white areas in the image were too bright to see much detail, especially in faces?

Cutting down the “noisy light” is one of the benefits of using a polarizing filter on a camera’s lens.  With the Trygger Camera Case it has an adjustable polarizing filter using a dial that slides in front of the lens to use on those situations.  This is even more convenient than a DSLR camera because most of the time on a DSLR you have to screw/ unscrew the filter on the front of the lens when you need it or don’t need it.

Even if you take a lot of pictures indoors, especially near windows, or of devices like a phone(or maybe thats just me), a polarizer helps reduce glare coming from reflective surfaces.

This project on Kickstarter has less than a month to go, and their planned retail (if their goal is met) will be $49.95.  Backers can get in with a discount starting with a pledge of $35 or more, and two cases would be a pledge of $78 or more, with an estimated ship of early July 2012.  It looks like different colors are also planned.

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