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Infographic: The Evolution Of Mobile Apps

Radford C. Aug 24, 2012 0

Titled “The Age Of Apps”, the infographic details the emergence of mobile marketing as far back as 1993 and how the introduction of the touchscreen paved the way for modern smartphones which was then later pioneered by the popular iPhone.

Today there are more than 25 billion apps downloaded from the App Store. One particular game,  “Angry Birds” has exceeded 1 billion downloads. Analysts suggest that by 2016 app-to-person messaging will overtake text messaging.

The infographic also attempts to project mobile app market be in 2016 as well as writing up strategies between a tablet app versus a smartphone app. More importantly, the graphic lists some key milestones and areas that apps need to fulfill before they can get any kind of attention.


Mobile App Infographic Evolution

Via »NeoLane