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Inside the GDC 2012 Store

Radford C. Mar 5, 2012 0

The GDC Store sits on the second floor of Moscone West where shoppers looking for game-related trinkets can look over the Metreon. The area serves more as a bookstore tied with an apparel shop and there’s definitely no shortage of developer books. While I was browsing a couple of their books, I noticed that some of them are not even game related. “Don’t Make Me think”, a web usability book by Steve Krug is just one of the handful of books I came across that happens to sit on my shelf at home.

Outside the GDC 2012 Store

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From long sleeves to hoodies (and just short of offering jeans), their available apparel makes full use of the Game Developer Conference logo while using a more subtle approach. GDC attendees can definitely sport their game coding identities. They are a bit on the pricey side. Expect to pay no lower than $25 when you bring one to the register.

Check out some of the titles on these books. There’s also some game art that’s worth noting that seems to be in the bourgeois world  (high price) of fine art but the work is all original oil paintings which definitely deserves its own post.