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Intel and Toshiba’s Next Social Film Project “The Beauty Inside”

Radford C. Aug 9, 2012 0

A new social film project has been making the rounds as of late called “The Beauty Inside”. The new film will make use of social networks such as Facebook and will be sponsored by Intel and Toshiba. The project brings together Sundance award-winning Director Drake Doremus and Hollywood stars Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Viewers around the world will have the chance to star as the main character in the film by issuing a global casting call to audition for the role.

Based on the success of the original social film, “The Inside Experience,” “The Beauty Inside” was designed to bring a new level of engagement between social media and blockbuster-style films. The film trailer, online Facebook experience and global, online casting call launch today with the film premier slated for August 16.

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Toshiba and Intel Unveil ‘The Beauty Inside’ Global Social Film Project
Sundance Award-Winning Director, Hollywood Stars
Collaborate on Latest Social Film and Give Viewers Chance to Star as Main Character

· Based on the success of the original social film, “The Inside Experience,” “The Beauty Inside” is a new social film from Toshiba and Intel to bring a new level of engagement between social media and blockbuster-style film that also features the innovative Toshiba Portégé® Ultrabook™.
· Ultrabook devices, inspired by Intel, deliver super performance, have built-in security, wake in a flash and come in sleek and stylish designs.
· The film brings together top talent in entertainment, technology and social media, starring actor Topher Grace and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, directed by Sundance award-winning director Drake Doremus.
· Viewers will have the chance to play the main character in the film via a global, online casting call on Facebook that kicks off July 24.

IRVINE and SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 24, 2012 – Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., and Intel Corporation today announced a creative collaboration to deliver a second social film project titled “The Beauty Inside.” Additionally, a global online casting call has been issued to audition for the part of the main character as part of the film experience.

Starring Topher Grace (“That ‘70s Show,” “Spider-Man 3” and “Valentine’s Day”) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World”) and directed by Sundance award-winning director Drake Doremus (“Like Crazy”), “The Beauty Inside” is a blockbuster-class experiment in social entertainment, brought to life by leading minds in Hollywood, technology and social media.

The global film debuts Thursday, Aug. 16 on Facebook* in the genre of interactive, social entertainment and allows viewers to actively participate by giving them the chance to interact with the main character via social networking. Additionally, multiple viewers around the world will have the chance to audition for the main character, Alex, who showcases how the film’s content transcends national boundaries. Doremus will oversee and direct the film, the main characters as well as the audience by weaving multiple elements of social media into the story, casting and episodes.

“The future of filmmaking is evolving, and social film is largely uncharted territory,” said Doremus, director of the film.“This global film allows us to really push the boundaries of making movies. It’s been an exciting challenge to be tasked with incorporating mass audience participation into this year’s project.”

The film plot follows Alex, a 20-something guy who wakes up every day with a new face and new body. He’s a completely different person on the outside, but the same person inside. Alex encounters everyday life challenges including where will he work, what adventures and troubles he will get into as well as a romantic twist. While Alex navigates through his day, he carries and uses a Toshiba Portégé® Ultrabook™ that also serves as his personal journal to document and capture the daily trials and tribulations that come with his ever-changing appearance. Alex’s Ultrabook is an easy and quick way to identify him in each episode. To create Alex’s daily changing appearance, a global online casting call will launch via Facebook on July 24 to provide global viewers a chance to audition for the film and play one of the identities of Alex.

In addition, “The Beauty Inside” will engage the audience through social media and encourage them to connect and interact with Alex via Facebook. The film will be available online in weekly episodes starting on Aug. 16 and continue over 6 weeks. During this time, viewers will be invited to audition for the film as the editing team incorporates auditions and posts that best fit into the episode storyline.

“As we usher in a new era of computing, we are excited to continue to expand the entertainment computing experience on Intel-inspired Ultrabook devices,” said Johan Jervoe, vice president partner marketing, Intel. “This global social film is proof that the right technology can blend two major forms of entertainment and give a global audience the opportunity to be engaged and have a chance to play a role in a blockbuster-style Hollywood movie.”

“The social film is prime example of Toshiba’s commitment to leading innovation,” said Carl Pinto, vice president of marketing, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Digital Products Division. “Our goal is to extend our promise of creating products with a full suite of features and functionality that inspire creativity among a new generation of film and social media fans and engage with them via the online channels that they already use.”

Follow “The Beauty Inside” on Facebook at For more information about the Toshiba Portégé® Ultrabook™ featured in the film, visit:

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