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IntoNow for iOS Gets Upgraded to 3.0

Tony Hannides Jul 31, 2012 0

intonow 3.0 ipad

For those of you who’ve tried apps that can recognize a song like Soundhound or Shazam, there are apps that can also recognize what TV show you’re watching. Viggle “game-ifies” and rewards the experience but IntoNow focuses on social sharing. IntoNow is actually a Yahoo property and last night they upgraded the iOS apps to version 3.0. In this new version, they’ve added 3 new features: TV and Music Sync, CapIt and Group Chat.

TV and Music Sync will allow the user to fully interact with the TV show. You’ll be fed info regarding the music in the background, trivia questions, sports score, team info, polls or anything else to improve the experience with having a 2nd screen while watching your favorite show. Also, with Music Sync, not only can you find out that mysterious song’s name, you can buy it straight from your iTunes store on your iOS device.

CapIt is a fun feature that allows users to capture a moment on the television, add a cute or funny caption and then share it. If you’ve ever had a moment where you wished you could save a frame of live TV, this is it.

into now 3.0 group chat

Finally, Group Chat is exactly that, chatting with other friends who are using the IntoNow app on their iOS device.

You can get the update here for free.

Via »Yahoo Corp Blog