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Introducing Google+ Hangouts in Gmail

Tony Hannides Jul 30, 2012 0

A few weeks back, Google acquired Sparrow, an email client for Mac and iOS. We had high hopes for some new developments for Gmail’s web interface and even the mobile apps on iOS and Android. Since that acquisition, Google has added a new feature to the Gmail website; a feature that has NOTHING to do with Sparrow and something that most of us probably won’t even use (sorry, editorial). Google is adding Google+ Hangouts to Gmail. This means you don’t have to be signed into Google+ to use Hangouts, you can keep your browser pointed to Gmail. It’s almost getting to the point that any Google property might be integrated with Google+ Hangouts. The new feature allows users to video chat with other Google+ friends and Gmail users, whether they’re on the desktop or mobile.  The best part of this announcement is that Google is now using their own network for video chat instead of peer-to-peer; this might start to give Skype, Tiny Chat and ooVoo a run for their money.

Via »VentureBeat