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Introducing The Petite Bobine

Tony Hannides May 18, 2012 0

petite bobine

Over a week ago, we introduced the Une Bobine by [Fuse]Chicken, a coiled iPhone charger that was on Kickstarter. Since that spotlight, they’ve hit 767% of their goal. With the success of the Une Bobine, Fawcett and his team decided to up the anti. They created the Petite (French for little) Bobine. The Une Bobine’s coil is 24″ long whereas the Petite Bobine is 1/2 that. Why? They wanted to offer up different coil sizes depending on the need. If you wanted to use the Une Bobine in the car, the coil is too long. If you have limited desk space, a small charging cord is more organized. Here’s the best part, when you pledge, you don’t have to decide right now if you want the Une Bobine or the Petite Bobine; they’ll contact you later. It’s accessories like this that make me want to buy an iPhone as a backup phone.

Make sure you check them out on Kickstarter! Also, vote for the Une Bobine for the William McShane Fund!

petite bobine coiled

petite bobine behind screen

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