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iOS 6 is Code Named Sundance, Includes Siri for iPad

Tony Hannides May 12, 2012 0


Introducing iOS 6 or Sundance. This new OS update will bring a few new UI updates as well as new features like Siri for iPad, a Siri API and new updated Maps with 3D views. MG Siegler even goes as far to say he think’s Apple newer “street view” will be better than Google’s.

Specifically, while the 3D functionality is cool, it’s also not something people are going to use regularly. Think of it like Google Street View — cool, but how often do you actually use it when compared to the regular Google Maps product? (Having said that, I still expect Apple’s 3D maps to be cooler than Google Street View.

Any feature on your iOS you’ve been waiting for? I’ve never used the dictation feature on my iPad but Siri might be quite cool…IF the API rumor is true.

Via »iMore