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iPad 2? UPDATE

Josh P. Mar 2, 2011 0

8:35am PST:

In less than one hour, we will finally gaze upon the much dumpers iPad sequel. If all the reports are correct, it should boost at least a front facing camera, a thinner body, and more memory. Even with all the rumors online, that appears to be the most we can truly predict, but dies that merit an Apple special event?

With everything we have seen with the HP TouchPad and Motorola Xoom (trademark pending), what can a new iPad bring to the market that could actually be revolutionary? As an owner of an iPad 1 and a tech enthusiast, I honestly don’t know.

I, like everyone else online, will be following today’s event and will post my thoughts once the curtain comes down. Come on Apple – surprise us.

11:35pm PST:

Surprised? Me neither. Honestly I believe this “update” was just that; an update. The iPad 2 is definitely not something to scoff at, but after all the reveals from Motorola and HP, I was kind of hoping for Apple to raise the bar.

Instead they slightly nudged it. Hell they even kept the price point the same.

So what was the biggest surprise? The iPad now comes in white. That was the biggest ace up Steve Jobs’ rolled up turtleneck sleeve.

What do you think Internet? Is this a big enough update to cause a fire sale on eBay of iPad ones?