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iPad 3 Upgrades to Higher Capacity Battery

Radford C. Dec 29, 2011 0

Battery life is always going to be one of those factors we look to when deciding between two similar devices – especially tablet computers. According to DigiTimes, Apple looks to meet that demand head on with the next version of the iPad.

The new battery will reportedly feature 14,000mAH which is more than double the current battery in the iPad 2 which has only 6,500mAH. How this translates into a device-use time is really a wildcard though, because how long that battery will last is completely dependent on the features included in the device.

Apple’s battery supplier, Simplo Technology and Dynapack, was unwilling to comment on this rumor, citing that they will not share details regarding their clients. To no surprise, Apple has also refrained from weighing in on these rumors.

All current rumors and reports point to the iPad 3 releasing in February. The possibility also exists that the launch will be announced but units wouldn’t ship until the more-commonly heralded March timeline.

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