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iPads Being Considered to Replace Textbooks in Georgia

Victor B. Feb 6, 2011 0

Image Courtesy of Apple

It looks like Apple has proposed to the State of Georgia a program to replace middle school textbooks with iPads.  This was revealed by Senate President pro tem Tommie Williams according to a post on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Williams even goes into details of the proposal, such as Apple would charge $500 each year per child and provide not just the iPads, but the wifi system, the textbooks, upgrades and training for the teachers.  He states one of the benefits are textbooks can be updated more frequently. “We have books that don’t even have 9/11,” Williams says.

Do you think as part of the program Apple should be training middle school kids how to take care of school equipment?  I know some kids that had a hard time taking care of a watch.

VIA AppleInsider and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution