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iPhone and iPad to show up at GameStop

Radford C. Sep 6, 2011 2

Yup. That’s according to 9to5’s sources. Wow. What’s next iTunes game cards? As of this week, GameStop began accepting iOS device trade-ins for in-store credits. Could they be possibly extending their preowned hardware portfolio with Apple products? It’s possible. The sources stated that the announcement was made to dealers at an annual trade show in Las Vegas this past week. This may coincide with the iPhone5 launch which is rumored to debut on carriers outside of AT&T and Verizon (i.e. T-Mobile and Sprint).

If held true, this could potentially change the portable gaming landscape. GameStop is the undisputed top entertainment software retailer serving gamers after its acquisition of EB Games and Software ETC. Play N Trade is the only other company who holds 40-50 stores vs. GameStops 5000+ stores in the U.S alone. With iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sharing space with the 3DS and the upcoming Vita, Apple’s new devices in specialized gaming stores may change the perception of consumers and current gamers that iOS devices are built to cover the core gamer. What are your thoughts of iOS devices sitting on GameStop shelves?

While the iPod Touch and iPad are more likely to make easier sales, the iPhone seems more involved since you’ll have to deal with carrier contracts and their custom packages (which I doubt Gamestop will do). It’s even less likely that people will buy iPhones at their non-subsidized price as well.

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