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IPv6 Internet Is Here, IP Address Apocalypse No Longer (Video)

Radford C. Jan 20, 2012 0

Cisco Skit on ipv6

Although we talked about this some time ago in an old podcast, the idea that the internet would run out of IP addresses (IPv4) seemed conceivable at the time. Now, an announcement earlier in the week of the launch date for the IPv6 Internet comes courtesy of Cisco and friends in a comical skit to talk about how moving to IPv6 is the next step. IPv6 Internet lands on June 6, 2012 omitting this year as the year of the apocalypse – at least for now. So there is no need to fight your colleagues for IP addresses or hide under your desk. Provided, of course, that your network architect or IT administrator takes the right steps to get ready.

To see if you’re paying attention the second time around we created a short quiz. Sorry, no prize except for bragging rights. (Hint: Some things are easier to see if you watch the video in HD.)

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