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Is Apple really making an actual TV set?

Radford C. Jun 23, 2011 2

Apple Television Set

Apple is reported to be working on its first Apple branded television sets that will bundle the Apple TV and iTunes services. According to DailyTech, Apple is gearing up to launch a television set business this fall. The site claims that a former Apple executive spilled the beans on the project, saying “you’ll go into an Apple retail store and be able to walk out with a TV. It’s perfect.” The Apple TV hardware would be integrated into TV sets built by a “major supplier” but badged with Apple’s logo.

Ok. Maybe you like the iPhone 5 rumor much better.

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  • Sean Wilburn

    I put $20 on this failing harder than the original Apple TV

  • Vj Bognot

    It will probably be a 20" for over a grand.  But it'll have an Apple logo!