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Is Microsoft Working on Office Software For The iPad?

Tony Hannides Nov 30, 2011 1

Someone Holding the iPad2

The iPad is a great consumption device but sometimes you’ll want to write your book, finish some work or create a slideshow for an event. There are the Apple products called Keynote, Pages and Numbers but they have their limitations. Personally, I jumped on top of a Cyber Monday deal to get QuickOffice at a great discount. But let’s face it, all that these apps do is replace Microsoft Office. Yesterday, The Daily reported Microsoft might be working on an iPad app. This would be perfect for the company since their software would be a huge hit for iPad users. Currently, Microsoft is working on a new version of Office for OS X Lion so hopefully we’ll see a companion app for the hit tablet. Rumors say that Microsoft price each app at $10 to match what Apple has done with their replacement apps. What do you think? Excited and will it work well? Or is this going to fail? If this is true, we’ll see the app sometime mid-2012.


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