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iSheildz: Screen Protectors With a Wow Factor

Tony Hannides Mar 27, 2012 1

Do you put screen protectors on your mobile screens? Last time you bought a phone or tablet, did the sales rep try to sell you on a screen protector but you refused? Sure, I get it. You’re going to be extra careful and will treat your phone/tablet like a Stratovarius. But even a Stratovarius has a case to protect it. I’ve seen cracked screens, smashed screens, split screens and everyday scratches. You want to protect your device. At CES 2012, we met the team from iShieldz. There are hundreds of screen protectors out there, but this one is not only military grade but the applier is extrememely easy to use. They call it the iShieldz Dry Seal with Auto-Align Technology. Just take a look at this quick video.

For now, the new iShieldz will launch for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPod Touch 4th Gen. No longer will you have to pay someone else to put your screen protector on for you. We’ll be getting a review sample of the product very soon. Please let us know what device you have and maybe we can find out when it’ll be available for it.

  • Tauseef Iqbal

    Please Please don’t use this isheildz Screen Protector…

    I had installed one on my Nexus 4 and as isheildz screen protector is fully sticked to the original screen so the Touch response was really very good.

    But after 2 days when my Nexus 4 dropped from my bed as ishieldz screen protector was fully sticked to the original screen so it forwarded the pressure of just small drop to the original device screen and my Nexus 4 screen gone break.

    Although, previously my Nexus 4 had been dropped various time from more height but my screen was always remained safe as the actual protector was not fully sticked to the original screen so the pressure of drop was always consumed by original protector and the original screen remained always safe.