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Izzi Orbit & Izzi Solo For The Iphone 4/4S

Andrew Lee Aug 30, 2012 0

Photo courtesy of Izzi Gadgets – The Izzi Orbit and Izzi Solo for the iPhone

The Izzi Orbit and Izzi Solo are a case/camera combination for the iPhone that is currently listed on Kickstarter. Developed by Izzi Gadgets, its purpose was based off of avid iPhone photographers who love to take photos and taking mobile photography to the next level. The end resulted in two products called the Izzi Orbit, and Izzi Solo, which offer the same protection for the iPhone 4/4s but have different camera features.

The Izzi Orbit and the Izzi Solo are constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum, featuring a lightweight shell and integrating an additional soft case sleeve to give the user dual layer protection. Both models also feature a Sure Hand Stabilizing Grip which reduces any hand movement and gives videographers a more stable platform. They also feature three tripod mounts which are also sold separately but give the user the ability to operate at any angle. In addition, they are packaged with a protective sleeve, a wrist lanyard, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and accessory mates. Currently, both models are only available in red, black, and silver. Both are identical in design and styling, with the exception of the Izzi Solo, which does not feature the Peripheral Motion Lock Technology.

Image courtesy of Izzi Gadgets

For the Izzi Orbit, the Peripheral Motion Lock gives the user access to three high quality optical lenses in one package. The lenses consist of a 180 degree fish eye lens, a 67x wide angle lense, and a 2x telephoto lens. All three lenses show the capability of the Izzi Orbit with the image above. The Izzi Solo only comes equipped with a fish eye lens. It is suggested that the lens will be removable as the Izzi Gadget website states that additional lenses will be sold separately.

Izzi Gadgets plans on making both models available for the iPhone 5 which will be available 6-8 weeks upon release.

Currently, the kickstarter project has raised $2,773 out of the $25,000 needed to invest in manufacturing equipment and other operating expenses here in the United States.  For more information, check out their Kickstarter page, as well as their official website.

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