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Jimmy Fallon on Halo 4 and The Last Of Us

Radford C. Jun 14, 2012 0

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, who’s known to demonstrate video games before their release in his show, got a chance to test a couple of new games during the week of E3. In this episode, he tests his FPS skills with Halo 4 while The Last Of Us developer Naughty Dog walks through their game. With Halo 4, It’s basically the same run we’ve seen at the Microsoft Media Brief at E3 but this time 343’s Creative Director Josh Holmes is allowing Fallon to be the first to experience the game outside of the development team.

Much like his previous experiences where he played Zelda and Battlefield, hilarity ensues.

In  The Last Of Us demo, the game’s directors join up to narrate the action and gameplay as the walkthrough shows off the environmental effects. The demonstration shows off the inventory system, the smart AI and intricate set pieces that look to push the acclaimed developer to new heights – something we didn’t get to catch at the Sony E3

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