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‘Killzone 3’ Multiplayer is free-to-play next week on PSN

Radford C. Feb 24, 2012 0

Killzone_3_Wallpaper_1280x720 - Click to see large version

Looks like Sony learned a thing or two about free-to-play MMOs. However, this is Killzone (a marquee franchise) which has already sold millions of copies. Yet, there are still some stragglers out there who’ve yet  to give the franchise a chance. Attachment rate of a product is one thing that publishers always hope for and this is one way of doing it –  giving players the option of trying it for free before paying a lower price for the most popular mode sounds like a smart idea. And the lower price, should you opt go for more upgradable items and limits, is only $14.99. Killzone 3 Multiplayer will be available for download next week at the Playstation Store. Good hunting.

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