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Klipsch rolls out new set of in-ear headphones: S4 (II) series, S7i

Lou R.A. Aug 6, 2012 0


Laudspeaker company Klipsch recently launched their newest set of in-ear headphones last week, unveiling the upgraded version of the S4 series.

Klipsch unveiled the S4 (II) series on its official website. The S4 (II) series in-ear headphones comes with S4 (II), S4i (II) and S4a (II), which featured intra-aurals look similar to the first S4 series in-ear headphones but its flat cables solved the tangle-cord issues.

Equipped with inline remote / mic for iOS and Android devices, the S4i (II) and S4a (II) are available for $100 and the S4 (II) for $80.

Klipsch also showcased the S7i series, another sophisticated in-ear headphone equipped with an iOS-compatible remote / mic and balanced armature-loaded ceramic ‘bubs.’

Detailed specs have yet to be released, but Klipsch is expected to reveal this information at the upcoming Klipsch’s NYC event next week.

Via »Engadget