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Knowing Your Roots: The Video Game Museum (Updated: Video!)

Radford C. Jun 9, 2011 3

A vintage collection of game consoles, cartridges and various materials from the past isn’t exactly something you’d normally see at 2011’s E3 but there were plenty of attendees who marveled at a buffet of throwback items that will leave nothing but a wonderful nostalgic taste – especially for those who have been playing games since the 80’s – and even 70’s.

For those that do not know, I’m a collector of vintage goods and have been collecting consoles and games for years so I can somewhat relate to this sort of thing. By taking a look at the classics we can appreciate the latest technologies and games. It takes us back to our roots.

It also shows that we’re pretty darn old.

Tucked away at a corner of the conference from all of the elaborate booths and LED-lighted stages was a quiet area void of large speakers where “awesome” and “incredible” can be heard from the gasping attendees who’ve accidentally stumbled upon the preserved treasures.

Take a guess at some of these consoles:












Check out the rest of the gallery for vintage goodness: