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Konami gets Silent Hill HD’s Issues Solved for PS3, Cancels Patching for Xbox 360 Version

Lou R.A. Aug 10, 2012 0

Japanese video game developer Konami announced Wednesday they have already begun fixing in-game bugs on the PlayStation 3 version of Silent Hill HD Collection. On the other hand, the Xbox 360 version of the patch has been cancelled due to technical issues and lack of resources.

In an official statement released by Konami, problems involving frame rate, audio-synching, and other issues of the game on PlayStation 3 are now being resolved.

“Konami apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 SKU,” Konami stated in an official statement. Sounds like that means you can forget about any future patch for that console.”

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 gamers are left disappointed following Konami’s decision to put  the patching of the Xbox 360 version of the Silent Hill HD Collection on hold.

Via »Kotaku