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Leaked Best Buy Screenshot Reveals Sprint Galaxy Nexus Release Date

Tony Hannides Apr 12, 2012 0
best buy screen shot hexus

Image Courtesy of Android Police

It looks like the Android community is really excited about Sprint’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Another employee put their job on the line for this screenshot. Taken from Best Buy’s intranet, you can see that the “in stock” date is the 22nd of April and the “street date” is the same. It doesn’t, however, specify the name or model of the device but through the powers of deduction and logical reasoning, this looks to be the Galaxy Nexus for Sprint. First of all, the only other phone launch in stores on that date (for Sprint) is the LG Viper and this screeshot is of a Samsung device. And before you say it might be a different carrier, it specifically says “SPNT HANDSETS” under Sub Class. Earlier today we saw some plaonogram shots and now this. Just tell us already!

Via »AndroidPolice