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Leaked photos of BlackBerry 4G PlayBook with BBM

Radford C. Apr 6, 2012 0

Alrighty then. Back in CES 2011 (yes that far back) RIM promised 4G in the future for LTE, WiMAX, etc. but ended up shipping only the Wi-Fi model. But based on the photos from CrackBerry forum user Fakedeadmau5, it appears that whatever RIM kept behind closed doors is now at the hands of Fakedeadmau5. It’s still unclear over how he discovered the tablet but the photos seem authentic.

Details of its 4G abilities seem unclear despite its obvious labeling – which still leads us to look for more details of the leaked device (if it is actually leaked). What’s really intriguing is the software. The “4G ” PlayBook seems to be running what looks like a dev build of the OS numbered To date,  the current release build is, There seems to be a slight change to the layout as well as the notable icon for RIM’s classically loved BlackBerry Messenger. While the omission of BBM in the recent 2.0 software overhaul still continues to elude me, there are outlets speculating that the app may exist.

Via »CrackBerry Forums

Via »Engadget