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Leaked: The Samsung Stellar Used to be the Samsung Jasper

Tony Hannides Aug 27, 2012 0

samsung galaxy stellar press shots

Remember the leaked photos of the Samsung Jasper earlier this summer? And then we heard nothing after? It’s because Samsung (or Verizon) decided to change the name to the Samsung Stellar. Honestly though, who would buy a phone called Jasper? Sounds like a small cat that eats a lot.

 Anyway, the leaked photo and information come from Best Buy Mobile. Seems someone got keyboard happy and published the phone’s webpage for all to see. The specs seem to be the same that of the Samsung Jasper:

  • 4″ display
  • 4GLTE radio
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • 3.2MP rear shooter

While the specs aren’t the best, it’s a good back to school gift for your youngsters. And if the price is right, it’s not too expensive either. No official release date yet.

Via »Android Central