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Lenovo Unveils Windows 8-based Thinkpad Tablet 2

Radford C. Aug 8, 2012 0

Well, Lenovo said they were going to be the first to come up with a Windows 8 tablet and that looks to be true. Ironically, the Thinkpad Tablet 2 ties in to a naming convention which now seeks to replace the current ThinkPad Tablet, which runs Android. The new tablet will run Windows 8 and pack an Intel mobile chip, making it a full-on Windows PC in a very light form factor.

Interestingly, Intel’s Clover Trail processor puts Windows RT as an absentee in Lenovo’s lineup. Prior to the Thinkpad Tablet 2, Windows 8 tablets had to be either Windows RT machines, which can’t run older Windows apps which also looked to deliver a different Windows experience using ARM architecture, or ‘power-hungry’ Intel Core processors, necessitating more bulk and cooling fans.

Theorhetically, Clover Trail gets you the best of both worlds. It’s an Intel Atom SoC (system-on-a-chip)  designed for power efficiency and portability with the biggest advantage – running all your Windows 7 apps.

Other notable specs include a 1,366 x 768 IPS display in 10.1-inches. And at 0.39 inches thick, the tablet weighs just 1.3 pounds. It will also boast a 10-hour battery, optional 3G or 4G, micro-HDMI output and your typical pair of 2MP or 8MP cameras. For the most part, that cellular connection will take the form of HSPA+ but in the US, at least, the tablet will be available on AT&T’s LTE network. And, as we learned in more recent leaks, the tablet will have room for NFC (near field communication), along with a fingerprint reader and a pen, which can be stowed in a slot on the tablet.

Similar to the Microsoft Surface, it will be sold alongside an optional keyboard. However, Lenovo takes a few steps further by providing a dock with three USB ports, HDMI-out and an Ethernet jack.

Lenovo has announced availability of the tablet as early as October, about the same time when Windows 8 starts shipping. For now, you can get a jump on the press shots for your viewing pleasure.



So now the question remains. What is the price?

Via »TechRadar