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LOL Friday: Scientists Create Most Realistic Robotic Buttocks – Feedback Included

Radford C. May 11, 2012 1

Robotic Buttocks

Dear. God. Why. SHIRI (the name of the robotic butt) was created to detect a user’s touch, stroke and slap. In addition, it has the disturbing ability to provide feedback. So if you decide to rub the butt in a certain way, the robotic buttocks will respond by flexing its glutes with machine gun noises, or relaxing its butt cheeks accompanied by a mysterious whip-cracking sound – because God knows scientists have a hard time bringing real ass into the lab for actual study. The following video below is some pervert demonstrating what the scientists at Tokyo University of Electro-Communications are touting as world’s “most accurate robotic buttocks”. If it were really accurate, it would pass gas too.