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LTG @ App Nation III: CrowdFail

Tony Hannides Dec 1, 2011 0

crowdfail iphone

Who doesn’t like to laugh at other people? Since the invention of the internet, people have posted funny videos and pictures of unfortunate mishaps that occur to friends, family or just the random passerby. There are a few websites you can check out like

crowdfail beeber fail or but this new app called CrowdFail by Hatch Labs takes it one step further. I had a chance to talk to the company’s co-founder Adam Huie. Like any useful app, it fills a need. This need is to take and share hilarious and outrageous memories in one app. You can follow your friends or sponsored users (like College Humor)and view their photos. The app is similar to Instagram but it’s ONLY for funny photos. And as a twist, you can get rewarded for the pictures you post. The more followers you receive, the more thumbs up you get, you can get awards like a $10 gift card. Seems simple to me: Take funny photos, share them within the app, share them on Facebook or Twitter, rate others and have the chance to win free stuff! So far they’ve only got a free iPhone/iPod Touch app but they’re looking to expand into Android by next year.


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