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LTG @ Disrupt: Vonage Mobile Could Scare Skype

Tony Hannides Sep 13, 2012 0

When you think of Vonage, you might think of the VoIP company that got its start back when the annoying song from ‘Kill Bill’ got popular. Since then, Vonage has built up and improved their VoIP network worldwide and have entered into the mobile apps vertical. In fact, Vonage Mobile was actually the official communications sponsor for TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

Vonage Mobile was showing off their app, touting that it offered its users free calling and texting to other Vonage Mobile users. There’s even a new feature that allows users to send photos, location and contact information to other users. But the main reason why I thought Vonage Mobile would prevail is they’ve got a brand new service that’s still in closed beta called International Roaming.

What do most people tell you to do when you travel? Turn your phone off; and for good reason. I’ve seen cell phone bills racked up to $500 even with the phone on standby mode. In any case, this is a bad idea because if someone needs to talk to you in emergency, they can’t.

money out the window

So what do you do? Vonage Mobile is that solution. International Roaming allows a user to receive calls while being on WiFi for very cheap. So for example, I’m in London, England. I switch my phone (iPhone or Android for now) to WiFi. If you call me, I can pick up using the Vonage Mobile app and I’ll be charged accordingly. And considering Vonage’s prices already beat Skype by 30%, I know I’m saving money. You as a user, you’re not making an international call either. So you don’t have to worry. This feature is the first of its kind. If you want to try it out, you can join the closed beta via invite if you sign up here. For now, it’ll work in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. If you get accepted into the private beta, all calls in those countries will be free.

It’s too bad my dad just left for Europe. He would have loved to try out the service.

happy saving money vegan