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LTG Editor Banned From Gamespot

Radford C. Dec 7, 2010 8

On Gamespot, I have a pretty good following that I cultivated through the years even when it was still called I even have a nice little badge that labels me in the top 100 community reviewers saying I have “power and influence”.  This was as far back when Daily Radar was the big game site at the time.

Coincidentally, Sean (the other LTG editor) and I were talking about game reviews and debated about gamer perspectives and things like that. We agreed on a lot of points despite our very different backgrounds in gaming. Unfortunately, Gamespot didn’t feel the same way about me.

Just minutes ago, I wanted to write a quick comment about some other game on one monitor while reading some company press releases on another.

Then I saw this:

What the..

So then I check the private messages:

Click to zoom

*Click* So I read it:

Reason for moderation: Site Admin's Discretion. Uh oh.

The Site Admin did this? Wow. Big guns. So at that point, I was thinking. “Hmm…they probably don’t like the idea of me writing blogs about LTG and bringing Gamespot readers there”

Then I clicked on “moderation history” to hopefully get more details.

It's a comment I left somewhere. CLICK TO ZOOM

Then I remembered where I left that comment:

Gamespot Editors hate to be proved wrong.

So I guess they just didn’t like my comment.  So, what do they do?  They ban your ass!

I guess I do have power and influence. I’m even still debating at this point if this should be a featured post.

  • Sean

    I gave you a thumbs up on Gamespot's site for you.

  • Bereaver

    I agree with you, but….. I really think you could have worded it differently instead of calling his tips stupid. I mean, there are probably some people that's completely confused about anything above the level that he stated it as.

    Not all people come up with great ideas like the rest of us. You gotta understand that what might seem miraculous to them is something that you or me have already figured out before we even tried the game.

    • Anonymous

      True. It was mostly a knee jerk reaction on my part but that's what gets me about large sites such as Gamespot – a site where gamers trust that the tips they're getting are the most optimal.

  • DogCat

    GS moderation is as fascist as it gets.

  • StormKlowd

    "Just like in real life. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about"

    Is that not a little confrontational?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. I was just all hot about it since I just saw that after doing a race. His tips work best if you're into losing.

  • Austers

    Somebody on GameSpot can't take a little criticism ;)

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