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Mario Warfare (Official Trailer)

Andrew Lee Aug 30, 2012 0

Web series Mario Warfare has a official trailer released today from Beat Down Boogie. This is the same group that brought you the other web series Modern War Gear Solid featuring cameos by Old Snake and Ghost.

In this trailer, all of the major Mario characters have undergone a “Modern” makeover, following a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare-ish theme mixed with other genres. One of the noticeable characters that have undergone a major change is Inspector Toad, who seems to have taken some cues from Neo and The Matrix as he looks more badass than ever. The Shy Guys look more menacing than they ever looked in a video game as they round out what may be Bowser’s forces. We also get a glimpse of Wario which is rather interesting considering that they keep the color scheme the same but almost pull the whole Liquid Ocelot feel to it. Warluigi is also present with his colors but seems to sport a M.Bison look.

Action looks intense as we see sequences with most of the characters fighting and shooting done truly the way that would be expected from Beat Down Boogie. Despite that, it wouldn’t be a parody without some comedy which the trailer doesn’t have for the moment.

While no official release date has been announced, this is still a work in progress according to Beat Down Boogie and the first episode should be released soon.